Mammoth Cave – the "Big Canary" of Aquifer Health


We have talked about global freshwater issues: water quality; availability; aquifers. This is a fascinating account of what is happening to underground water. Who better should be able to profile life underground than a cave explorer. The following link from the website Circle of Blue looks into Mammoth Cave in Kentucky -

“the world’s longest and most extensive known cave in the world – about 370 miles in length.”

The purpose was simple.

“In early May 2010, Nashville, Tennessee, was drowning. The Grand Ole Opry and the entire downtown was under water following torrential rains. But not far away–near Bowling Green, Kentucky–researchers were going underground into caverns carved through solid limestone by eons of water flow. They wanted to get a sense of how an ancient cave system was behaving as the rains fell above.”

Get a firsthand view of just how surface river water is contaminating the purest water sources on our planet from Dr. Chris Groves, Director of the Hoffman Institute Research Center for Environmental Studies.

Q&A: Chris Groves – Exploring Underground Water Systems in Mammoth Cave

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