The Timber Mafia in Pakistan


There is no question that the people of Pakistan are victims of the recent monsoon floods. However, there is an evolving logic that suggests that the increasing frequency and scope of these

“disasters” are “not acts of God any longer” (Steve Salmony 
AWAREness Campaign on Human Population, Salmony is suggesting that “population dynamics of the human species” could be the “mother of the human-induced global challenges looming before…humanity.” The three related links that refer to the Timber Mafia, state unequivocally that “there is a direct link between deforestation in Pakistan and the massive floods sweeping the country.”

There are two additional links that might be useful to understand the perspective being proposed about the Timber Mafia. From Illegal Logging by Pakistan’s Timber Mafia Increased Flooding Devastation; and from China DialogueNot Just a Natural Disaster by Kamila Shamsie (August 2010).

“The Pakistani state has failed its people. Environmentalists have long warned of the power of the illegal timber mafia and the susceptibility of deforested areas to flooding, landslides and soil erosion.”

It is time to take a holistic look at the relationship between the costs of aid for disaster recovery and the costs for preventive, sustainability programs to minimize the impact of natural disasters. It should no longer be a stretch to consider the relationship of the increasing incidence of “human-induced global challenges” and their contribution and direct correlation to the scope of damage.


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