The Power of Water


Joshka Wessels knows the Middle East and how the politics of water are so important. The politics of water are becoming global issues. It looks like water may become a trump card in a broader context of regional cooperation.

The Dead Sea has been shrinking a lot in recent years. The more it shrinks, the saltier it becomes. From this link to the Bank Information Center: Red Sea – Dead Sea Water Conduit Project, you will get a much deeper appreciation for the power of water. Another resource – from Extreme Science – has a great description of the Sea.

Since water scarcity is just one of the major problems in the region, this project has an opportunity to achieve several objectives:

  1. Restore the water level in the Dead Sea;
  2. Generate hydroelectric power; and perhaps most importantly.
  3. Boost water supplies to the riparian countries (Jordan, Israel and Palestine) through desalination.

It’s time for the Dead Sea to come back to life and to restore a quality of life that has been declining as water shortages continue to worsen.


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