No Longer Taking Water for Granted, Part 2: Qanats – Ancient Water in a Modern World


If you think that Austin is in trouble from the last post, then I think the following video clips will put Austin’s water problems into proper global perspective. Filmed and produced by Joshka Wessels, you will be introduced to the ancient, Persian water retrieval system known as “qanat” and will be given an up-close view of the water challenges that are pervasive throughout the Middle East.

I have written previous posts about transboundary water and depleted aquifers. These films will provide you with a visual perspective that easily trumps the superficiality of those verbal accounts.

Yes, Austin is in trouble and, like so many other cities and towns across the world’s drylands, cities and entire regions are teetering on the precarious confluence of changing climate, moisture variability, increasing population densities, and reduced groundwater supplies.

Yet, if we fail to properly care for the world’s precious groundwater and dryland resources, then the people living in cities like Austin and regions like the Sahel and the Middle East will suffer irrevocable damage.

Enjoy the films.

Water from the Dawn of Civilization, Part 1

Water from the Dawn of Civilization, Part 2

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