Shock from Drought. Death from Famine.

I wrote recently about drought in Australia
(10 years) and Texas (1 year). The impact on the people, the land and the economies was significant. Any intense period of drought will have this kind of impact.

If you turn the globe a bit to a location just between Texas and Australia, you can see another area that continues to be impacted by prolonged drought. It does not help that the countries affected are among the poorest in the world and who typically survive as agrarian or pastoral lifestyles. These are the ones most affected by drought.

With dwindling resources, the countries of the Sahel – especially those that are landlocked, become further challenged by the onset of famine.

The following: Sahel Farmer and Drought is a short, video interview with one such resident. There are other clips that can be viewed as well. These are the real victims of climate change and environmental degradation. Imagine one sparse meal a day for a few months of the year – while there is food, then not much during the remaining months.

Death can be a short step away.

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