Japan, One Year Later: Peter Kim

The following short video is a very creative account created by Peter Kim and a team from Online Schools to put the recovery process around Fukushima into proper perspective. The visual is simplistic yet effective.

Accompanying the video is additional commentary on Japan’s future challenges that is well-worth reading. At the end of the commentary are links to the photos that inspired the hand drawn illustrations in the video.

“As Japan approaches the first anniversary of the crisis that transformed the nation, global attention will undoubtedly focus on the progress that the country has made in resurrecting its physical infrastructure. Restoring homes, roads, hospitals and schools, and mitigating the damage of the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl certainly deserve our attention and reflection. Still, it is important to remember that solving the social and economic problems that Japan faced before the crisis are just as critical.”

Japan, One Year Later is a very special and artistic rendering of the challenges that devastated Japan, creating a restricted area around the Fukushima nuclear facility larger than the size of Los Angeles. This is the second largest tragedy in Japan – only Hiroshima was bigger!


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