Climate Change & Desertification – Up Real Close

Environmental Harmony

I am always searching for new information that can tell another piece of the story about the impact that climate change will have on all parts of the world. As you know, my view is simple: global climate is changing. There are and will continue to be skeptics about the reality of climate change. The only true resolution of this confusion and skepticism will be some time in the near future when its impact becomes irreversible.

In several previous posts, I have written about the costs of taking action to mitigate the effects of a warming planet in comparison to the costs incurred from taking no definitive action at all. The results would be similar to using a band aid rather than a tourniquet to stop the bleeding from a deep, bodily wound.

I discovered this very interesting video that shows up close, the impact that climate change is having on traditional lifestyles and cultures of some of the poorest areas on the planet. Yes, the three areas profiled in the film happen to be in Africa: South Africa, Mali and Kenya. Africa has become the poster child for famine and drought.

And, perhaps for some, it is a stretch for me to suggest that these conditions can become as bad in other parts of the world as they are in these three African regions. If you take the time to look closely at this film and begin to impose images of a result of a 10 year drought in Australia, or the global impact of the hot dry summer of 2012, maybe my suggestion will not be so much of a stretch.

I welcome your comments about whether or not climate change is a real threat or just another environmental diversion.

I hope you will enjoy:  The Weather Gods Documentary from Uhuru Productions. If you believe that the Out of Africa story for the evolution of homo sapiens is true, then maybe there is a similar truth to an Out of Africa story for climate change.

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