Campaign to Aid the Endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal

I would like to use this post as a PSA opportunity to raise awareness about another marine mammal problem that has been rising along the coast of California. This time, it is the monk seal.

The purpose of this post is to get you to take a very simple step that could contribute to the success of an awareness campaign. That simple step is a vote. Please vote as often as possible until April 21st.

The Hawaiian monk seal is in the running to win a coveted place in the Endangered Species Chocolate bar family!

We need YOU to vote on Facebook, and get your friends and family to vote EVERY DAY now through Sunday 4/21. Please Facebook, tweet, email and whatever else to get your network to vote for the monk seal. The Marine Mammal Center is one of the 6 selected charities in this competition to win a wrapper along with a $1,000 donation.

This will also be an awesome opportunity to promote awareness for the monk seal and The Marine Mammal Center. Endangered Species Chocolate’s goal is to not only pick animals to feature on their wrappers, it is also to spread awareness of each nonprofit’s work to their environmentally-passionate consumers and to introduce their chocolate bars and mission to our supporters (10% of their net profits are donated to support species, habitat and humanity). We also stock their chocolate in our gift shop!

Let’s spread the word, VOTE and make the Hawaiian monk seal a winner! It’s gonna be a tough competition with that adorable red panda so tell your friends!

The little time it will take you to click on the link to vote is all that is needed to give the monk seal a little extra time. The photograph of the winning animal on each Endangered Species bar of chocolate sold will raise both awareness and a share of the proceeds will go directly to The Marine Mammal Center.

The past two years have been an exceptionally challenging period for marine mammal health along the California coast – Marine-Mammal Rescues Spike in Seasonal Form. Distressed animal populations have grown dramatically and there are only two organizations that presently provide medical and rehabilitative care: SeaWorld in San Diego and The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito.

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