On The Issue of Human Innovation



This section will provide details of innovative, environmentally-focused creations/solutions. Some entries may, at first, seem very unusual. To many of our planet’s bottom billion, these very unusual solutions may make a very huge difference in the quality of their lives.

Technology Solutions: Making a Difference


Portable Desalination: Fresh water, one droplet at a time. Small, portable desalination units powered by solar cells or batteries instead of diesel generators to produce enough fresh water for a family or small village.


A Litre of Solar Bottle Light: Sustainable Lighting designed and developed by students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – to bring eco-friendly, solar bottle bulb lighting to 1 million homes throughout low-income communities.

Habihut: Replacement for canvas tents to revolutionize housing for families displaced by disaster or conflict.

Sustainable Secondary School Construction: Burkina Faso A building design appropriate for the given climatic condition – factoring in elements of sustainability.

:¬†Solving housing problems of the world’s poor
with low-cost Eco-Housing.


Good Stove
: People using biomass as fuel in a low-cost, Biochar Oven.