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Environmental Contamination of Nigeria’s Niger Delta States

In life, all things are relative. When the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico first became an environmental disaster which resulted in the unabated flow for three months in 2010, all eyes quickly searched for the root … Continue reading

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Climate Change & Desertification – Up Real Close

I am always searching for new information that can tell another piece of the story about the impact that climate change will have on all parts of the world. As you know, my view is simple: global climate is changing. … Continue reading

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Operation AfriQUA: It’s All About Pumps

  When I was digging wells in Sub-Saharan Africa, the process was very simple. Instruct those in the village receiving the well on how to maintain a relatively vertical hole being dug in search of water. Sometimes, the holes for … Continue reading

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