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Aquifers: The Harsh Reality of Their Importance

Let me thank George Denhard for forwarding this article to me. We dug wells together in West Africa and share similar concerns today for environmental issues. Water is always at the top of our list. People like digestible pieces of … Continue reading

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Wastewater Is No Longer Sewage

For many parts of the world – and, yes, even in the United States, the term waste-water is becoming obsolete. As global population continues to grow, the demands placed upon our environment will only get greater. And, since, I have … Continue reading

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Camels & Copper: Trying to Coexist in the Gobi Desert

Camels and copper are having a very difficult time trying to coexist in the Gobi Desert. At first, this might seem very strange. After all, the copper in question lies deep below the ground while the camels spend there days … Continue reading

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