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An Important Step Towards Improving the Environmental Impact of Oil and Gas Exploration

Energy Independence. Every country wants it. Yet, we know there are many factors that must be considered before undertaking large-scale retrieval programs. Whether we are looking at the Marcellus Shale Formation that stretches through large parts of several eastern states … Continue reading

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Argentina: How to Benefit from Vast Reserves of Oil and Natural Gas – Without Damaging the Environment

The opening paragraph from this Inter Press Service (IPS) article presents the challenge to yet another country that has accessible fossil fuel reserves. “BUENOS AIRES, May 15, 2012 (Tierramérica) – Vast reserves of natural gas and oil trapped underground, whose … Continue reading

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America’s Water Infrastructure: Leaking into the Future / Part 2

The previous related Water Infrastructure post is important for understanding a bit about the history of water purification and to introduce the summary of a study by Standard and Poors. This post provides an Editor’s response to this report that … Continue reading

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