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Camels & Copper: Trying to Coexist in the Gobi Desert

Camels and copper are having a very difficult time trying to coexist in the Gobi Desert. At first, this might seem very strange. After all, the copper in question lies deep below the ground while the camels spend there days … Continue reading

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India’s Giant Step to Conserve Biodiversity

  As the world’s second most populous nation behind China, India’s ecosystems are under assault from much of its population of 1.2 billion people. Environmental sustainability is not just a catchy phrase to be used whenever there are concerns about … Continue reading

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Japan, One Year Later: Peter Kim

The following short video is a very creative account created by Peter Kim and a team from Online Schools to put the recovery process around Fukushima into proper perspective. The visual is simplistic yet effective. Accompanying the video is additional … Continue reading

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