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Legalize Dumping Onto the Great Barrier Reef

“H G Wells observed a century ago that history is a race between education and disaster. Yet all the signs are that, in terms of earth’s environment, no amount of education and information will deter seven billion Homo Sapiens from … Continue reading

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Less Meat = Less Heat. Not So Fast.

One case being made for reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere has much to do with the increasing global demands for meat consumption. It seems that attribution can be given to Sir Paul McCartney who popularized the phrase: less meat … Continue reading

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Economic Boon or Bust? It Depends on Who Owns the Land..

Sometimes, it is only just a unrealistic dream. You could be a farmer with large fields, growing vast quantities of grain to feed the world. Or, you could be an organic farmer with small, “organically” grown fruits and vegetables sold … Continue reading

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