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Texas: A Case In Hot/Dry Weather

In a recent post: Australia: Lingering Pool of Disbelief, I shared thoughts about Australia’s escape from its drought after nearly 10 years. We know that one important variable in determining drylands categories is precipitation. Reuters reports that 2011 was Texas’ … Continue reading

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Sharks May Be Adapting to Climate Change

We know that climate change will change the rules of the game for all species. Some will be affected differently than others. For humans, rises in global temperatures will affect available surface water, agriculture, air quality etc. etc. etc. But … Continue reading

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Climate Change: Australia’s (and the World’s) Emerging Next Great Barrier

I found a very interesting site that is an important part of the Australian government. It is CSIRO: the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation; is Australia’s national science agency; and is one of the largest and most diverse research … Continue reading

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