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A Desalination Water System for Gaza

“The Middle East and North Africa Region (MENA) is the most water scarce region in the world. Worldwide, the average water availability per person is close to 7,000 m3/person/year, whereas in the MENA region, only around 1,200 m3/person/year is available. … Continue reading

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The Power of Water

  Joshka Wessels knows the Middle East and how the politics of water are so important. The politics of water are becoming global issues. It looks like water may become a trump card in a broader context of regional cooperation. … Continue reading

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What is Desalination and Why is it Needed?

  I’ve talked about diminishing supplies of freshwater and why our next innovative market product for water could be the spa equivalent of ocean water. This USGS link: Thirsty? How ’bout a cool, refreshing cup of seawater? will provide most … Continue reading

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