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What Do You Know About Your Drinking Water?

This question should be important to each person. We make a lot of assumptions about what comes from the faucets in our homes. For many,  it is only the availability of water when needed that is important. Although I have … Continue reading

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Increasing Production of Crude Oil in the US Should Contribute to Reduced Oil/Gas Prices Globally – but it Doesn’t

The link in this post, to an article that originally appeared in Energy Trends Insider, provides insight into a very interesting appreciation of the mechanics of global crude oil production and consumption. Whenever previously unknown reserves of crude oil and … Continue reading

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Is Water – H2O – A Human Right?

It certainly has an interesting implication. If it is not a human right, then should fresh water be available to all without restrictions? It becomes a murkier question when it is taken from the context of an interview that took … Continue reading

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