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No Nukes! No Fracking! What’s this World Coming to?

  It seems that German Chancellor, Angela Merkel made a bold political move to disband Germany’s nuclear generation capabilities in response to the catastrophe in Japan. Or was that her motivation? There may be a broader political agenda to her … Continue reading

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Vij5: Dutch Design Ingenuity

  I just discovered this very creative design studio that I thought could fit into the environmental profile of this blog. We all know that paper is made from wood. Vij5 has discovered how to create wood from paper! Be … Continue reading

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Hungary’s Toxic Sludge: It’s What You Can’t See that Matters

  In my recent post about Hungary’s Toxic Spill: Hungary’s Code Red – “You Can’t Handle the Truth!” I wrote: “the towns will be thoroughly hosed down and disinfected but will remain red.” What I meant was that considerable efforts … Continue reading

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