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Master Plan to Clean Up the Jordan River Basin

Our planet is experiencing a dramatic shift in resource availability and demand. Regardless of what competing teams of experts argue and debate, changes in global weather patterns and growing populations continue to place disproportionate stress on ecosystems around the world. … Continue reading

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A Desalination Water System for Gaza

“The Middle East and North Africa Region (MENA) is the most water scarce region in the world. Worldwide, the average water availability per person is close to 7,000 m3/person/year, whereas in the MENA region, only around 1,200 m3/person/year is available. … Continue reading

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No Longer Taking Water for Granted, Part 2: Qanats – Ancient Water in a Modern World

  If you think that Austin is in trouble from the last post, then I think the following video clips will put Austin’s water problems into proper global perspective. Filmed and produced by Joshka Wessels, you will be introduced to … Continue reading

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