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Dams: You Decide Whether They are Good or Bad

Dams have been and continue to be very important resources to a country’s development. Before the availability of alternative energy sources, power generated by the flow of water had been nature’s best option. Electricity drives today’s world – a world … Continue reading

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Agricultural Nutrient Run-off: “Like Death by 1,000 Cuts.”

There is a special sensation that comes from a long ride that passes green fields. Some of those fields produce grains for human consumption. Some produce grass used for grazing cows and sheep and horses. With heads down, these animals … Continue reading

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Climate Change Impact in Northeastern United States

“Many important economic and social decisions are being made today on long-term projects…based on the assumption that past climate data…are a reliable guide to the future. This is no longer a good assumption…” UNEP/WMO/ICSU Conference Villach, Austria 1985 I like … Continue reading

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