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Argentina: How to Benefit from Vast Reserves of Oil and Natural Gas – Without Damaging the Environment

The opening paragraph from this Inter Press Service (IPS) article presents the challenge to yet another country that has accessible fossil fuel reserves. “BUENOS AIRES, May 15, 2012 (TierramĂ©rica) – Vast reserves of natural gas and oil trapped underground, whose … Continue reading

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The Surui, GPS Technology, REDD and Preserving Amazonian Rainforest

Thanks to Ken H for forwarding this article. Maybe this is an example of an evolving “organic” way to preserve Amazonian rainforest. Imagine. Google is providing GPS capability to Amerindians deep in the rainforests of Surinam, Brazil and Columbia. How … Continue reading

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A Dying Lake: Titcaca, Poisoned from Mercury, Hospitals, Sewage and Slaughterhouses

“The Autonomous Water Authority of the Lake Titicaca Basin was created by the two countries sharing the Lake (Bolivia and Peru) to work together on the management of the water resources of the basin to ensure that long-term co-operation is guaranteed … Continue reading

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