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Ghana / Saving a Rainforest: Atiwa Forest Reserve

While living in West Africa, serving in the Peace Corps enabled visits to several of the neighboring countries to Burkina Faso and provided insight into many varied environments – from the extreme dryness and heat of the world’s largest desert … Continue reading

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Moving Away from Fossil Fuel Consumption Will Require Innovative Thinking and Diligent Changes in Habit

  There are a couple of sayings that are often used together: talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. Each separately and both together can convey the idea that it is easier to talk about something but harder … Continue reading

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Hotter Tropics and Higher Tropical Rainfall Totals. Reason for Concern or Merely Cyclical Variance?

  In 2007, an article was published in Science and Development Network that shared data from the NASA Global Precipitation Climatology Project that “analyzed the global rainfall record from 1979 to the present.” It confirmed one thing that most scientists … Continue reading

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