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Legalize Dumping Onto the Great Barrier Reef

“H G Wells observed a century ago that history is a race between education and disaster. Yet all the signs are that, in terms of earth’s environment, no amount of education and information will deter seven billion Homo Sapiens from … Continue reading

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Ghana / Saving a Rainforest: Atiwa Forest Reserve

While living in West Africa, serving in the Peace Corps enabled visits to several of the neighboring countries to Burkina Faso and provided insight into many varied environments – from the extreme dryness and heat of the world’s largest desert … Continue reading

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UNEP International Forest Day Video

Simply put, this is a simple film that conveys a simple message. Unfortunately, this is complex global problem. “Forests – We all depend on them. Forests provide employment for up to 1 billion people and contribute over US$ 450 billion … Continue reading

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