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Towns in Argentina to Confront Climate Change

This almost sounds improbable. Yet, on the other hand, perhaps these Argentinian towns are merely responding to the climate changes that seem to be accelerating in their rate of occurance. What seems to be an impossible task to gain universal … Continue reading

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Loss of Habitat and Migratory Birds

Loss of habitat is becoming all too common for species around our planet. Historically, normal changes in climate occur and species become extinct. Many of these extinctions occur undetected. This UN article from 2007 may seem dated but it really … Continue reading

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Rock Desertification: One More Variant of Humans’ Demand from the Environment

There is an old saying suggesting that the equivalence of a very difficult challenge is like trying to squeeze blood from a rock. Global environmental challenges are trying to find ways to squeeze blood from rocks. I have not seen … Continue reading

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