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Shock from Drought. Death from Famine.

I wrote recently about drought in Australia (10 years) and Texas (1 year). The impact on the people, the land and the economies was significant. Any intense period of drought will have this kind of impact. If you turn the … Continue reading

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Less Snow, More Elk. More Elk, Fewer Birds.

Live Science reports that recent studies show a direct link to the impact that climate change is having on mountain snowfall levels and the impact of less snow on the growth of seasonal woody plants. The interaction of species is … Continue reading

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How Important are Trees? Visit the Sahel for a Closer Look

  This will not be surprising. “One in six trees in the Sahel has died since the 1950s as temperatures rise, threatening livelihoods.” Patrick Gonzalez published his first study in 2001: Desertification and a Shift of Forest Species in the … Continue reading

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