Hagen Desert Farming Project

Tony and I began working together in 2009. He has helped guide our efforts to craft the details of our program in Western Africa to higher levels of effectiveness and influence. His strategic, big picture skills as well as his ability to sift through the details to drive results have been an important contribution to our success. I have appreciated his creativity in our marketing efforts and continue to rely on his consultative skills and business expertise. His ability to take complex topics and communicate content in simple form should hold him in good stead as he builds awareness for the problems of desertification.  

Claus Hagen
Chairman, Hagen & Co. Engineering GbR.


 Desertification and Sustainable Development

As a Scientific Consultant for Desertification and Sustainable Development, I have spent an important part of my career at the University of Ghent (Belgium), studying plant growth in drought and desertification affected rural areas in Africa and Asia, as well as performing research on afforestation or reforestation projects and on small-scale agricultural projects to alleviate hunger and malnutrition.

Climate change may continue to have an impact on ecological sustainability around the planet. I fully support the efforts by Dimidia to raise awareness among young adults of the impact changing climate may have on freshwater reserves and land degradation and to engage in projects throughout the developing world among populations with the greatest needs.

Willem Van Cotthem


Endangered Species Coalition

As the President of ESC and former head of the Sierra Club’s Washington Office, I have spent my entire professional career actively involved in protecting our nation’s wildlife, public lands, wilderness, rivers, air and waters. Our charter at ESC is simple: in today’s era of climate change and accelerating loss of habitats, we work to ensure that our nation’s laws and programs protecting endangered species and the places they need to survive are fully funded and enforced.

That’s why I am fully supportive of the efforts being undertaken by Dimidia, LLC to become an education platform that will simplify the environmental mystique for young adults. The health of all species – including humans - is directly related to the health of our environment.

Understanding the health of our environment can only be achieved through education in all its forms. That’s why I feel it is so important to support and encourage Dimidia’s multi-media efforts in film, through campus and community lectures and with dryland restoration programs in developing countries to raise awareness about the degradation of global resources.

Brock Evans
President, Former Executive Director of Endangered Species Coalition



As a climatologist and professor, I am active in scientific research in global climate and appreciate the realities of climate change. I like your approach to show the importance of the relationships between atmospheric and environmental conditions and human behavior – that concepts such as desertification, freshwater availability and agricultural sustainability should be important to everyone. The African drylands are some of the most challenged on the globe that can only worsen as climate change intensifies. Looking there for solutions may provide important lessons for all. I support your efforts to bring these images to the screen and onto college campuses to raise awareness among young adults. I also think that your efforts to introduce these topics are timely to the increasing dangers that are likely unless we all begin to take them seriously.

Yongkang Xue
Professor of Geography

Professor of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences



As Film Commissioner for the Arauncanía Region of Chile, I am confident that the
joint planning efforts with DIMIDIA to create a series of environmental
documentaries as well as the project to arrest land degradation from industry
activity in the southern region of Chile will raise environmental awareness to a new
level throughout Chile and our neighbor countries.

Rodrigo E. Ardiles Gamboa
Lacustre Film Commissioner


 United Nations

We feel confident that your final product will be beneficial in elevating awareness of some of the complex effects of climate change on sustainability, freshwater degradation, desertification and environmental migration. Your effort to introduce these topics are both timely to the global impact of these threats and also aligns to many of the strategic objectives of the University, especially with respect to improving the global understanding of these issues, strengthening research and training in developing countries through international networking and ultimately, supporting decision makers through information dissemination and policy changes. If any one of these objectives were positively impacted by your film, we would consider it to have been successful.

Professor Janos J. Bogardi
Director, United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Society